As a University Student studying Marketing, every internship Ben had expected me to be a Social Media Expert but learned nothing while in school! That was a lightbulb moment for him.

He saw the amazing opportunity social media was and the serious lack of support for those looking to leverage it effectively. As a broke student with a passion for entrepreneurship & marketing, he made it my mission to become that expert.

Ben read every blog post, watched every YouTube video, and began conducting my his own experiments, growing Instagram pages and YouTube accounts.

After years of work & achieving personal success, Ben began taking on clients to help them expand their reach and presence on Social. He has been running my Social Media agency "Bunny Media" for over 3 years now.

He loved what the agency environment has allowed him to do for my clients but wanted to branch out and help more people grow their business and influence using Social Media.

This is why he founded the "Social Circle" a private Social Media coaching group for entrepreneurs and business owners. Social Media is an ongoing thing and Ben wanted to provide an ongoing solution and support system.

For those looking to learn specific social media skills to take their business to the next level, Ben has also put together education programs that give you the knowledge the maximize your reach in a targeted way on social media.

Host of the Transformative PODCAST: Social Media University

If you want to learn how to MASTER social media...

If you are looking to reach more people to grow your brand and business...

If you are looking for that EDGE to stand out...

...then you're going to LOVE Social Media University 

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Ben Leavitt

  • Youtube Expert (79K Subscribers)
  • Digital Marketing Strategist
  • Instagram Influencer
  • Social Ads Specialist
  • Speaker
  • Podcast Host